Three Sisters

Dear RashDash, I know you don’t like critics because Abbi read out a lot of reviews of famous Chekhov productions very fast, wearing a ruff and sequined hot pants. But I promise I won’t rate you out of five or patronise you with a gold star or give you a quotable soundbite to put on... Continue Reading →


Antitheatricality in Paddington 2

I loved Paddington 2. So I’m going to pay it tribute in the only way I know how: by writing pseudo-academic criticism about it. Blame my Victorian lit master’s for this one. 'Exit bear, pursued by an actor’: Antitheatricality in Paddington 2 ‘Actors are the most evil, devious people on the planet. They lie for... Continue Reading →

On writing and not writing

Again this holiday I’m trying to write* and, again, I’m procrastinating from it. It feels like heresy to admit it but I don’t really enjoy writing. Which leads to the obvious question, why do I do it. I have limited leisure time. Instead of spending the time procrastinating, and then feeling guilty, why don’t I... Continue Reading →

Rita, Sue and Bob Too

I saw Rita, Sue and Bob Too at the Oxford Playhouse. It was about a week after the news broke that Max Stafford-Clark had left Out of Joint because of formal complaints of sexual harassment. Because of this I was not particularly looking forward to the play but I thought I should go along because... Continue Reading →

Review: This Beautiful Future

Blood and feathers It starts with blood. No, it starts with karaoke. It starts with two older people (Alywne Taylor and Paul Hadley) introducing themselves. “Hello, I’m Alwyne.” “I’m Paul, hello.” In their separate booths, they sing. They volunteer what they would have done differently, if they could do it again. Between the booths is... Continue Reading →

Review: Manwatching

Following a 2015 run and performances at the Royal Court, Manwatching by 'An Anonymous Woman' is back at the Summerhall Roundabout. A different male comedian each night will be gently humiliated as they read out a monologue that discusses female masturbation and sexual fantasies. I say humiliated because I'm not sure what the point of Manwatching is unless it... Continue Reading →

Review: Love+

Love+ by emerging Irish theatre company Malaprop asks how emotionally intelligent artificial intelligence can really be. Described on the flyer as ‘a one-woman two-hander’, Love+ explores a relationship between Woman (Cate Russell) and Bot (Breffni Holahan). Despite the unconventionality of their relationship, there is nothing gimmicky about this show. The script and performances are precise... Continue Reading →

Review: Victim

I have to admit I was sceptical of how feminist a one-woman show, written by a man, with the title Victim, could be. While I’m not sure that it is feminist, Martin Murphy’s Victim is a well-crafted, woman-focused monologue. Louise Beresford superbly embodies the two central characters: prison officer Tracey and inmate Siobhan. Tracey seems... Continue Reading →

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