Review: Hotter

Would you rather be hot for the rest of your life or cold for the rest of your life? Answers to this question begin Ell Potter and Mary Higgins’ show, Hotter. I think I’d rather be hot, as I have really cold hands. I think I have poor circulation. But then it’s nice to wear jumpers too and you can’t really wear them in summer (unless you’re in Edinburgh; in fact, I’m wearing one right now). Ell and Mary are dressed to the nines in layers of pink. Mary has a fake fur coat. They look like a really cool girl band. I want to be in their gang. Aren’t they really hot?

To make this show, Ell and Mary interviewed women and non-binary people from the age of 11 to 97 about what gets them hot, what their orgasms feel like, what’s their favourite thing their bodies can do… Sometimes choice excerpts from the recorded interviews are played as Ell and Mary mouth to them. Sometimes Ell and Mary speak their words, taking on stylised aspects of their interviewees’ physicality. Ell and Mary answer their questions too, directly addressing the audience with powerful honesty. I especially liked when they read out letters responding to what came up in the interviews.

Over the course of the show, Ell and Mary discard items of clothing – they really must have been hot – down to some excellent, Hotter-branded pants. It’s not titillating. They are sharing their bodies with us, having shared their insecurities about their bodies. It’s an act of trust and an act of defiance. The show ends in a dance, made up of their interviewees’ favourite dance moves. Ell and Mary teach us their dance and get us up onstage. The entire audience is on the stage, dancing. Not many shows manage to do that. Hotter is a joyful and irreverently feminist experience. See the show and join the party.

Hotter is on at Paradise in Augustine’s at 22.45 until 27th August. Book tickets here.


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